About RicoV

Seattle native Ricardo Valenzuela has been making music since getting his first guitar at the age of four.  After learning some basics from his father, he started lessons at age nine and studied with various local instructors, including the gifted Northwest favorite, Michael Powers. 
A multi-instrumentalist, Ricardo has been a fixture on the Northwest music scene for  over 25 years, and since his days with the "Music Company" at Green River Community College,  has been entertaining audiences throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii, Canada, and the Virgin Islands.  With his strong voice and versatile playing style, Ricardo has been a member of area bands such as Athenz, 22/20, Chain Reaction, One to One, James Street, Once, AquaVinyl, and The Encounters, now known as

Surrounded by music all of his life, Ricardo has a wide range of influences that showcase his ability to sing and play in many different styles.  Comfortable playing Rock, Pop, R&B, Blues, Country, Funk, Jazz, and more, he has performed in everything from a 24-piece showgroup, to his own solo act, and nearly every situation in between.  Along with being a veteran of the Top-40 and casino circuit, Ricardo has played on numerous recordings and shared the bill with artists such as The Guess Who, Christopher Cross, Crosby Stills & Nash, Huey Lewis, and Los Lobos. 

Ricardo enjoys collaborating with other musicians, and is a highly skilled songwriter himself.  Besides his own material, he has written, recorded and performed with singer/songwriters Lara Lavi, Kellee Bradley, Kara James, Bronwyn Edwards Cryer, and Julie Mains.  "Black Jack", a song co-written with Julie Mains, was nominated for an international award in 2006, and appears on her 2005 debut CD "Inevitable", for which Ricardo did all the guitar work and three of the drum tracks.

Always keeping busy in several different projects, Ricardo does his own solo act, as well as dates with various local groups and recording sessions.  Not only a seasoned guitarist and singer, Ricardo also plays the bass and is an accomplished drummer and percussionist.